so today i went to work and my coworker gave me a big hug and was like happy birthday! i don’t have your gift yet because it’s shipping but i got you persona 4 so you can finally play it when your summer break starts and i like started crying which is lame but when you think about it nobody really gets me shit or cares and she fucking went home and bought me some video game off of amazon when i only mentioned it in passing months ago so she must have remembered and that’s just really nice that a coworker you never hang out with and who makes the same minimum wage as you do actually wanted to go out of their way to do something nice for you

i’m going to miss this basement eventually

it’s my birthday eve and i’m spending it listening to heidi montag singles thinking about starting my own burn book for everyone who forgets

Anonymous asked: What happen you face :/

retinoid cream + itched my face